about my super talented sister

what i really wanted before i graduated from gw...

was to find a sweatshirt that was actually good looking and not ugly and cheesy like all the gw sweatshirts at the bookstore.

so i turned to my sister, shayna.
who is my graphic design hero.

and when i tell her that, she'll just laugh and say, that's because i don't know very many designers.
but then i'd like to remind you shayna, that recently a "famous" designer copied your work for a certain wedding announcement! (just sayin')

so the point is.
shayna designed the above sweatshirt for me (see, NOT ugly) for graduation.

it's the perfect sweatshirt because it can be casual and also quite fashionable.
that is if you know how cool the gwu is.

this is my way of saying, thanks to shayna.
she is my hero.

shayna also designed the blog header and side tabs, as well as pretty much anything else i need her to design.

i owe you, shayna.


shayna said...

I'm blushing, seriously. But you're the star. Remember how you get to wear that sweatshirt because you graduated from there?

hanner said...

!!! how do i commission one of these??! i was having the same problem and i am still gw-sweatshirtless. i do have a free t-shirt i got from doing yoga at the gym that features a somewhat chubby hippo on it.

hanner said...

meaning, i'd pay shayna for one too.

Jessica Lynn said...

why do I love this sweatshirt so much when i have absolutely no relation to GW? nobody knows.

EunnieProctor said...

I LOVE the sweatshirt! Shayna is amazing!

Bek said...

your sister is kind of the best.