adams morgan (is where you get ethiopian food)

mmm looks delicious right?

ha, actually i think ethiopian food is quite good.

the first time i tried ethiopian was in haight-ashbury in san francisco, when i was just a wee one, fresh from high school.
so... my palette had only really consisted of cafe rio, wendy's and the pasta factory (holla!)

i'm glad i decided to try ethiopian again, now that i'm old and experienced in the ways of food.
ethiopian is especially famous in dc because there is a big ethiopian population.

the food is this spongy bread that you use to scoop up those little pools of food.
i liked it. it was fun. i probably won't be going back to meskerem every week, but i'm glad that we went. and someday, i'll probably go again. so i can sit at a tiny table and die my fingers orange.
and also i'm glad we went with fun friends.

and i'm really glad we walked across the street to the diner afterwards.
and got milkshakes.


laden backpack said...

looks interesting but I think I will have a roasted chicken, cafe rio salad, black beans no rice. He! He!

hanner said...

that picture cracks me up because it makes it look sooo unappetizing. but it wasn't bad! except for those eggs. hahaha.

kELLO! said...

adams morgan sounds like a beer company

i think i should try food later on like you when i get older. i still have a teenybopper pallet. poor james. whose pallet is all over the place.

shayna said...

I love that outside shot. I would live just above the Voilet sign.

nomadic gnome said...

i've never had ethiopian food. i've come close but i always chicken out in the end. maybe after the baby comes when my stomach is braver i'll try it. i feel like a fraud having grown up here and never eaten it!

ps WHERE are you moving? sad times.

whitney // eat sleep cuddle. said...

Good for you for being adventurous and trying new foods! I always somehow order the most boring thing on the menu every time I try a new place... Maybe I'll get my husband to take me to an Ethiopian restaurant next??? :)

Jennifer M. said...

That actually looks like it could be good! Yeah for being adventurous!

angela hardison said...

i've always wanted to try ethiopian food... i love indian food, and i feel like it looks/sounds similar? maybe not, i don't really know.

hooray for milkshakes. so good.