authentic beach polaroids

i'm getting nervous that the polaroid film i have is slowing decaying and so... it's better to use it than let it rot, right?

there is nothing like a real polaroid. and nothing more expensive? wink.

polaroids make my day.


shayna said...

I Love your long legs.

Rhianne said...

definitely better to use it :) these are lovely, I love the top one!

the new colour impossible project one looks promising, have you seen any of those?

Ashley said...

Nothing has the charm of a polaroid. These are lovely. :)

communikate. said...

I love real polas. They seem rare these days amongst the phone apps.

These are lovely!!

Brittany said...

you're so right. i miss the real deal.

and i promise i am reading your thesis--i'm really excited to! i just have to finish this last week of class!