best friends, for like ever

garret, randy, donovan, ben, scotty, tony and boaz
jamie, boaz, sienna, me, bybes, donovan and lindsayme and linny
me and sienna, me and bybes
me and jamie, me and linny

most of our closest friends
live in utah.

so when we visit utah, it's like a friend fest.
and it's awesome.

although, we may not be so lucky the next time we are in utah to see everyone because people are moving on to other places...

but for now, i feel happy to know i can meet these friends at cafe rio
or any place that involves food

and we can talk. about whatever things we want to talk about.
and laugh a little, gossip a little, feel sad a little (when we all have to leave each other) and always, always

have picture time *blink*


shayna said...

All of your engagement pictures are so nice.

Em & Gar said...

Prom pictures Shayna, prom pictures. wink.

This warmed my heart. And reminded me to stop eating, forever. And go to the gym now.

Anyway, sure glad we got together. xXXoOOXoxooxOO

Caroline said...

What a nice post!!!! Friends are great!!

EunnieProctor said...

Glad you got to see your friends. I can't believe how big the babies got.

Shokoofeh said...

Aw such sweet faces, beautiful smiles... Love these photos dear Emily.xo

C said...

Glad you all are friends! Even the guys! And I like that both Bo and Donovan had on tie-dye.