the camping getaway.

i like camping. i do.
there are obvious pluses and minuses. pluses are being out in nature, enjoying the earth --- minuses being bug bites, having to actually wear bug spray.

ben and i camped at assateague national seashore again this weekend (camped there last year too). but this year we planned ahead- had to book our campsite in january in order to camp on the beach and camp in june instead of the blistering heat of august.

i got to wear a sweatshirt at night. best. ever.
i love summer where it cools down at night.
not that i don't love dc... but it could use some cool summer nights.

regardless. we got camping time. beach time. camping food (i think food while camping just tastes better than when you eat it at home).
most importantly we had us time.
we got to talk about anything from the financial market to celebrity gossip to the people in our lives.
and we also got to get some ice cream at a cute ice cream shop.
and talked to a guy, also buying firewood who had a fantastic, twangy maryland accent.

and although i very much love my bed and air conditioning that works,
i do love to be
and enjoy

oh summer.


shayna said...

Did you talk about me? Did the horses bring me up in conversation at dinner?

communikate. said...

oh summer.. is right!

beach camping is the best! i'm hoping to get some in this summer as well!

Caroline said...

Looks like an amazing time!! I love beach camping. And your dinner looks yummy!

laden backpack said...

Your thoughts about camping sound
strangely like something one of
my offspring would say. They are all
great campers having spent many of the
nights of their summer youth under a canopy of Idaho stars cut jagged by towering peaks of wilderness mountains. You are right, rood always with an emphasis on the last word again,always, tastes better outside. There must be something in our savage past (back in the caves, you know) that makes us love outdoor
food. The plate of the day looked to
die for, by the way. Summer nights
are glorious, especially the cool
ones, a 30 degree drop in temperature brings up the enthusiasm
level at least that much. Good post

nomadic gnome said...

cool summer nights are hard to come by around here - i didn't realize they were at the beach. :)

kELLO! said...

there's that tie-dye shirt that i think of you wearing in my head!
we love camping- we have to wait until september. but we might not since i'll be great with child. we'll see! :)