dan + hil's wedding day

dan + hilary
the ben family
all the ladies
hilary + me, ben + dan
we celebrated dan + hilary's wedding last week. in the lovely utah.

dan is ben's brother.
hilary is our new sister-in-law.

we are so happy for them. they are the bomb.

ben and i were the groom and bride's stylists.
i felt so productive and happy to be so involved with the bride's styling and details.

i helped hilary pick out her lovely ensemble, all from anthropologie's bhldn ---
i handmade her veil. no foolin'.
i totally made her veil and i am proud of it.

i am also glad my dear vivian was able to do hilary's hair and make up (vivian did my wedding day hair and make up)

in addition to the beautifying details, everything went really well.
married in the provo lds temple (also where ben and i were married)

and reception at sleepy ridge club--- where impressively tasty cupcakes were served (impressive since i am a total critic of cupcakes).

everything was just great great great.
it's amazing how it's more exhausting to be behind-the-scenes than to get married.

so happy for dan + hil. they rock.


shayna said...

No foolin' you're pretty. I remember Hilary's mom so well, from a soccer trip or something. I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!!!

communikate. said...

gorgeous dress and wedding party!

hooray for new sister in laws!

Ashley said...

Great job with the veil!! And her shoes are too perfect.

Courtney said...

well done emily! love everthing about the wedding day 'looks'!

Rhianne said...

You helped style her? You did a wonderful job, I was about to say how beautiful the bride looked, I love everything, the dress, the flowers, the shoes(!) and the veil is darling.

it looks like you had a wonderful day

kELLO! said...

neato dress!
did i just say neato?
and i'm not deleting it?

what a very pretty wedding. great jarb, yous two!

EunnieProctor said...

I love hilary's yellow shoes. They look awesome with he'd bouquet. Looked like a really nice wedding.