the explanation of our flash mob: it's friday, friday

i failed to mention that for dan + hilary's wedding, ben, me, ben's siblings and parents, hilary's siblings and parents all sort of flash mobbed them...

at their rehearsal dinner.

we all decided to sing that oh-so-awful song "friday"
(it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday, everybody lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend)

ben and siblings were asked to give a gift to hilary to help her adjust to being married to dan.

so ben gave his gift but then said, he had another gift to give.
his voice

he started out singing "friday" all slow and dramatic (much like stephen colbert)
then hilary's brother, wade joined in...

then me, katie, mallory
then joe, christina
and finally the parents.

hilary did know at the last minute about this, so she sang the last line of our rendition

"looking forward to the wedding" --- instead of weekend.
we were so clever with the lyrics.

needless to say. it was hilarious. and all who were not there, sure missed out.

p.s. kate's post reminded me i wanted to blog about this. thanks, kate.


communikate. said...

That is AWESOME!!

ben said...

Partying Partying,, Yeah!

cailen ascher said...

what a fun surprise! i just attended my friend's wedding this past weekend - wish we had thought of a fun little thing like that to include!!!

cute blog - i'm your newest follower


shayna said...

I have to find out about cool stuff like this from your blog? We need to talk more.

kELLO! said...

you guys are too cool.

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

This is the most awesome thing I've heard all day!!!

Jennifer M. said...

Did you get a video of it? That would be pretty funny to watch!