hiking [is what you do in utah]

lindsay + randy's baby donovan staying hydrated
me + linny ben and dave (his father)

salt lake city

dave, linda, emily, ben + katie (some of ben's lovely family)ben + i were in utah last week for his brother's wedding. we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy utah as well as be the behind-the-scenes wedding peoples.

so we took advantage and did a couple hikes.
that high elevation is a killer.
the cheesy utah slogan is true... life elevated.

on saturday, we hiked "the Y"--- in provo where BYU is, you can hike up the mountain to the painted white Y. it's fairly vertical and difficult, especially when you are used to living at practically sea level (and provo is like 4500 feet).

sunday, just before we hopped on the plane, we hiked ensign peak in salt lake city. ensign peak is where the early utah/mormon settlers climbed to declare it a pretty cool place.

i like to take full advantage of the outdoors and mountains when i visit utah.
it helps satisfy my craving.
mmm mountains.


shayna said...

Can I get a side of mountains with a little BYU creamery ice cream on top?

wishful nals said...

ohhh so fun. i love hiking. the air just feels so fresh so far up! :)

Brittany said...

i do love these mountains. and i hate the y hike, but i'm thinking of making a daily exercise challenge thing.

Bridget said...

this looks like such a nice day-- i want to go to soooo many parks/mountains out west... like zion and beyond. i'd hike the y too!

ben and his dad look so much alike!

Anna said...

yay mountains! my ben and i stopped in salt lake city on our cross country roadtrip, and i think i was thinking about you :)

Rhianne said...

wow, what amazing views! You can see the resemblance in Ben's family definitely :)

Katie said...

Thanks for the push, Ben. The view really was amazing!