my thesis (maybe the last time i will blog about it)

i believe it was saturday,
i got an email that said
my thesis
had been approved and
will be published
by gw.


i sent an email to family and friends who had expressed interest in reading the crazy thing... and once i got some response back from people, i decided to open the darn .pdf and look it over with new eyes.
i could barely get through the first two paragraphs without bursting into tears (i am waterworks lately)
because even though to some it may not be epic, amazing or even well written...

to me, it's my baby.

someone put some words together and made it beautiful [me].

when i was almost finished with my thesis, i remembered that part in the movie, orange county, when the main character submits a paper to his teacher and his teacher says:
"i read your story. you used a lot of big words. great! good for you! it was a little long, so i didn't read the whole thing, but who cares 'cause i gave you an A!"

gets me every time.

i thought about posting my thesis here on the blog but
a) i don't know how
b) i'm not going to

if you genuinely have interest, leave a comment or write me a little message that you'd like to read it and i'd be happy to send it along.

my cute little 60-page-almost-20,000-word-thesis with words like feminism, gender, patriarchy, neoliberalism, colonialism, capitalism...
oh what fun.

what an accomplishment.

emily. the graduate.

p.s. love the sweaty photo of me? that is on commencement day of graduation. the sun came out while i was wearing a wool dress and a polyester graduation gown. bad news bears.


Brittany said...

i love that you just said "bad news bears." love it to death.

also, i of course want to read this baby. send it my way. brittanyaustin17@gmail.com

Cassie said...

I would love to read it :)

communikate. said...

i'm SO proud of you lady! this is such a HUGE accomplishment. you are straight up my inspiration to get through school.

pst.. thanks for being my cheerleader. it's silly that i'm complaining about freshman english and math. :)

Em & Gar said...

so...you didn't send it to me? Here is me again expressing my interest in reading it. Send! x0

Courtney said...

I would be a giant ball of snot and tears if I were you!...well done dear!

PS: with words like feminism, gender, patriarchy, neoliberalism, colonialism, capitalism....all those 'isms'...I've got to read it. courtcly07@yahoo.com

Anything but Bland said...

congrats about your thesis! thats always exciting!! I am your new follower! hope to be friends :)

love, polly :):)

shayna said...

I will read it cover to cover. I will, I will.

Bek said...

i would love to read it. if you could send it to my email that would be bomb or tell me how to look at it.