the painting by my mother.

i told my mom months and months ago that for graduation, i wanted her to paint me something.

my mom is such a talented artist--- painting and sculpture being her strong suits and so i thought, i wanted to have my mother utilize her master's degree in fine arts to award me for my master's of arts.

i sent my mamma, peggy this photo of manarola in cinque terre, italy.
and look how she captured it.

she's hasn't been to manarola... but she really got everything right. Every single detail makes me happy.

in fact, when she gave me the painting i started to cry because i was so excited, so overwhelmed by how beautiful the painting is and so grateful for all the time my mother spent on the painting.
(and now all my siblings want a painting from my mom. ha, figures.)

thank you mom.
thank you for inspiring me to pursue my talents and education through your incredible example.
love you.


Rhianne said...

wow emily its beautiful, your mum is incredibly talented!

Patchie said...

That's so great! I come from a family of artists and most of the artwork in our home is from family members. It makes the pieces so much more special!

Brittany said...

Okay, look how talented your mother is! I love it. I love that this painting means so much to you in so many ways--the place, the occasion, the artist. I'm sure this will be a family treasure forever!

communikate. said...

gorgeous!! what a talented momma!

Cassie said...

how lucky you are!

what talent your mother has!

sienna said...

great painting. i love it. your mom is surely talented and very sweet.

wishful nals said...

emily, this is so, so sweet. and so special. and so pretty. :)

Bridget said...

stop it!

ok now you have to go back. not that the picture really seals the deal or anything but i mean, you've got a painting of cinque terre and someone who's got a painting of cinque terre has to spend like a few vaycays there, right? (if we mustttt) so basically it does seal the deal.

i'm rambling.

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh so beautiful!! she is sooo talented!! cinque terre is one of my favorite places in the world!

megan said...

I stayed in Manarola a few years ago! what a beautiful gift.

also, when are you going to Beijing? we live in Yangshuo and that's near where that magical bike ride was which is, unfortunately, a plane ride away. but I have plenty of China travel tips for all over the country if you're in need! it's really a great place to travel.

shayna said...

That cute little teeny mom.