what a nice weekend, weekend.

weekends really are nice. even when you have a million things to do.

we made gelato or sorbet with our machine four times since wednesday. i'm in heaven and our baby needs a rest. i love that frozen treats are such a social tool. especially in the summer.
but i do love frozen treats, even in the winter.

this weekend we also
went to target and spent way too much (which always happens)
went to rei and lusted after all the pretty bikes on sale and outdoor equipment that we will probably never own
saw friends, friends and more friends
went to church and were reminded of how there are so many people we go to church with that we really like
ate some swiss chard from our friend's garden. i don't think i've had it much before. swiss chard is so... leafy.
we did some planning because planning is something we are really good at. (almost too good at.)
it is possible to over-plan.


shayna said...

I like cold treats in the winter, but not hot treats in the summer.

Courtney said...

sweet treats are always oh so tasty in the summer months.

oh to be a planner...how I envy you. I can never seem to stick to a plan!

Jennifer M. said...

I love weekends too! Even when they're busy, they're usually busy full of things you WANT to do (as opposed to what you need to do). Having so much time to do what you want with is always a treat. :)

Also, I just tried swiss chard this summer and was surprised that it's actually pretty good! I don't know why, but I had it in my head that it was strong and bitter. I might be thinking of kale...

Anna said...

1. can't wait to get an icecream maker
2. i frequently avoid Target and go to other more boring stores to buy things I would buy there, just to save $$$.
3. super excited i have an outdoor job so I have an excuse to buy outdoor equipment