what we've been up to in utah (so far)

met our new nephew, colin. isn't he so sweet?
wedding pedicures all around
in awe of the mountains (as always) and a visit to the monte bean museum at byu.
enjoyed the lovely mountain air, weather
and of course have enjoyed lovely family. so far.

we are in utah this week for ben's brother's wedding.

dan + hilary are getting married on friday, friday.

so thrilled for them. so thrilled we are here.
i don't ever want to pass up a chance to see utah


kELLO! said...

i've never seen mountains like that in real life.

that baby is smiling the cutest little smile!

i've also never gotten a pedicure.

man. what have i been doing with my life?! :)

shayna said...

New baby Colin! Mani Pedis all around. Couldn't get any better.

Courtney said...

such a sweet babe!

pedis are quite possible the greatest thing in all the land...i just got one yesterday and it was bliss!