agra, india (taj mahal and other pretty cool things)

agra, july 12
taj mahal
the classic taj portrait shot
the gate to the taj mahal
the taj grounds and a cute camel
akbar's tomb
at akbar's tomb
akbar's tomb (baby gazelles in the grass)
inside akbar's tomb and agra fort
at agra fort
agra fort
i really love this one. so realistic. we are happy, tired and really sweaty.

taj mahal- means "crown palace". this muslim mausoleum (burial chamber) built for emperor shah jahan's third and favorite wife. took 22 years to finish, by 20,000 workers. finished in 1649.
akbar's tomb- akbar was raj of india, ruled from agra
agra fort- akbar had fort built to protect agra

it's so super cliche, but i thought the taj mahal was so beautiful, so indescribably amazing. i felt emotional when i saw it. my emotion could have been a combination of things--- but i felt really lucky to see it. ben said, "yeah, this is definitely one of those places that is better to see in person."
i think i loved the tiny ornate details like the red and green flowers and the excerpts from the quran in black stone (as seen in the first photo).

things to remember:
i love how camels look like they have a constant goofy expression.
both delhi and agra train stations were so crowded, so messy, so filthy, so smelly.
india smells. incense, curry, masalas and food, human waste, nice flowers, rotten garbage, body odor.
such a stark contrast from being at these beautiful sights and then going back onto the crazy street. really difficult to swallow.
travel is a privilege.
tombs are so huge for important people here.
lunch was ok. we don't like meat still on the bones. we's lazy americans.
annoying tour guide at agra fort, wished he would leave us alone but he was included with the cab ride.
saw tons of shops, bought nothing. saw persian rugs being made. amazing.
almost caught the wrong train back to delhi. finally got the correct one and sat by nice people and then alone for the rest of train ride. it was a big relief.
tuk tuk to delhi airport "broke" down and then driver told us to take a bus. we caught a cab, luckily, but we think tuk tuk driver broke down on purpose. jerk face.


Bridget said...

soooo great. i dream of going there one day. hope you are enjoying your time!!

Cassie said...

amazing (yes, cliche here too.) love the flowers on the taj mahal. so gorgeous! love the photos of you & ben.

sienna said...

looks like you guys are having a good time. you're very adventurous and i'm glad we can live vicariously through you. thanks for posting.

Linda M. said...

So why do you think the tuk tuk driver broke down? What was she/he trying to do?

communikate. said...

man oh man. that place looks awesome!

total jerk face of a of driver. i hope he has some sweet karma headed his way.

Megan Marie said...

i am loving all these photos! it makes me want to go see the world, too. thanks for sharing!

Linds said...


Jennifer M. said...

Wow - that is truly beautiful! I definitely have to get here someday and see it in person. What a wonderful experience! :)

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