apparently it is monsoon season (mumbai, india)

mumbai july 7-8a funny building, the fancy taj mahal hotel, india gateleopold cafeyummya boat to elephanta islandthe elephant cavesmumbai was a slight whirlwind because we were fairly delayed getting here and then the whole major jet lag thing didn't help.
i didn't really sleep the first night.

when we finally landed i was feeling nervous and overwhelmed. ben said, "it's ok. it just like everything we've done before except completely different."


we still enjoyed a few exciting cab rides, looking for a restaurant recommended by the nytimes that had shut down. but also enjoying food at leopold cafe that was the best indian food we've ever had. so far.

and it is monsoon season so as you can tell, we are totally soaked.

things to remember:
bringing the underwater digital camera was such a smart idea (monsoon)
a/c cabs are much more expensive than non a/c
converting into rupees is difficult
umbrellas are good to have in the monsoon season until you are basically in a monsoon and then you just give up and put your one little umbrella away
a simple "no thank you" doesn't always work when you are offered things but it's worth a shot
elephant caves are amazing and date back to about 20 ad. hearing the stories about shiva and other gods was so fascinating
just when you say to ben, oh we should avoid those monkeys (because of the number of things they carry) they might start walking straight at you at full speed. true story
many people living in the slums have tarp roofs and satellite dishes

headed to new delhi next.


shayna said...

At least you still look pretty during Monson season.

Courtney said...

i always think of the movie Jumangi whenever i read the word monsoon (in your lagoon?)

have fun!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

This looks like a trip of a lifetime! O that food, so delicious!

communikate. said...

this looks crazy cool!

glad you found some internet connections!

Caroline said...

You guys travel travel travel!! Good for you!! xo!

Jennifer M. said...

Fun fun! You guys are so lucky to be able to travel like this. Send us lots of pictures! :)

megan said...

I'm jealous of your underwater camera! looks like you guys are having a blast.

Katie said...

This makes me really hungry for Indian food. I might have to go to the Bombay House tonight and think of the two of you! I love that everyone wants to take your pic, you do both look famous you know. :) Ben was right, this is like everything you have done before... you two are grand adventurers, and you continue to inspire me. I love you both so much.

Linds said...

everytime i read monsoon my eyes trick me into seen monson. like prophet. oh well.

also i tried to make ckn coconut kurma in celebration of your adventuring.

i'm glad you got an underwater camera. so neat.