around the island of bali

bali, indonesia, july 17-20
tanan ayun temple
at the temple (the baskets of flowers and things are hindu offerings)
monkey forest
at monkey forest
monkey forest
at the 700 year old temple at monkey forest
rice terraces
i love me some rice
so beautiful to me
we made a little friend (who then tried to sell us postcards)

temples everywhere in bali.
rice fields everywhere, too. in that last photo, the thick green grass looking stuff is the rice, ready for harvest. the grains of rice are in those stalks somewhere.
the monkey forest is just that, a monkey forest sanctuary. don't worry, we didn't touch any of the monkeys and few approached us. it was really neat to see so many monkeys at once. i especially like to see monkeys groom each other because... humans do it too, just not as obviously.

things to remember:
food is cheap because it's local (this was my discovery). rice, seafood, fruits, vegis. maybe this is why i am so drawn to living on a tropical island. i want to grow all my own food.
someday i will grow my own rice.
laundry. we had 6 kilos (about 13 pounds) of laundry done-washed, pressed and folded- for about $3.50. i felt like i was on that ikea commercial when that lady leaves the store really fast before people catch her- because she got such a good deal. it's almost criminal how cheap.
laundry shops on every corner
massage on every corner. "you want massage?" we may or may not have gotten $5, 1 hour, full body massages.
circle ks and mini marts on almost every corner.
exit tax in indonesia is almost as much as the visa on arrival. boo.
indonesian rupiah is about 8,400 to $1. we felt like millionaires at the atm. (because we were. in rupiah.)


caroline said...

Rice! I had no idea what it looked like when it was growing. Can we be farmers some day?

Little Miss Tiara said...

omg you were here??? >O< I was M.I.A for too long I didn't know you came here omg omg! lol... okay, so guess what? When you already feel like a millionaire at Bali, I wonder how would you feel coming to another city (like mine, for example; Yogyakarta) since Bali is considered quite pricey compared to other cities :))

Glad that you enjoyed Bali, I do too... it's... exotic :D heheh...

Cassie said...

I wonder if you've ever read Ramayana? Your photos of the monkey and the temple totally reminded me of it...

shayna said...

Well, it looks like I'm going to have a terraced garden in my backyard.

Bek said...

bali is best.

Linds said...

that rice is lovely.

millionaires! i'm excited to call you rich and famous people my friends :)

Jennifer M. said...

Whoa! I should move to Bali! I had no idea everything was so inexpensive! It's so beautiful too. I love the photo of you holding the flower. :)