cambodia. angkor temples.

siem reap, cambodia, july 22-23
at about 5:45am
angkor wat at sunrise
angkor wat
angkor wat
angkor wat
an old royal palace
see that "wall"? we climbed those stairs
ta prohm
ta prohm
ta prohm
ta prohm
our tuk-tuk driver. cutest man ever.

angkor (pronounced on-cor) wat and its surrounding temples are what draw many tourists to cambodia.

you can get a free pick up from the airport to your hotel if you book the same tuk-tuk driver to take you around the angkor temples (which is highly recommended).
can you imagine this cute man, greeting us at the airport with a little sign for ben's name and a huge smile?

because of that, we instantly loved cambodia.

on our second day, we left our hotel at 5am so we could make it to angkor wat for sunrise.
tickets to the angkor temples are $20 for a day pass. the pass is super legit... meaning your photo is on it and people check it at most temples.
we watched the sunrise and then toured many of the temples. we were go go go besides a little lunch until 2pm. we were so tired.

...to remember:
we climbed up many of the temples. it was definitely a work out. all the stairs are so steep and sometimes a little narrow for my taste.
it is so incredible to see the temples and to climb them and to study the details. a little surreal and overwhelming, really.
the temples are over 1,000 years old.
ben and i like ta prohm the most with the trees growing in everywhere. but bayon and angkor wat are close seconds.
we bought postcards from a little boy. he kept saying, "but they only one dollar" and his cute little accent made my dollar leap out of my pocket.
cambodians use u.s. dollars. really. the only time you get cambodian riel back in change is in place of coins. u.s. dollar bills are used by everyone.
fried banana, coconut cream at lunch. so. good.
foot massage afterward was so worth it.


Daniel said...

That's the coolest looking tree ever! (The people in front of it are great, too). I know exactly how it started growing on a roof, but that might be too R-rated for a family blog... =)

hanner said...

hmm, i am intrigued by the above comment.

isn't it crazy how you see pictures of these places and recreations in movies and stuff and then when you see it in real life you have to remind yourself that it's real and not disneyland and it really is like 1000 years old? that's how i felt about tikal in guatemala. CRAZY! and i am crazy jealous right now. looks awesome.

Cassie said...

double WOW! Amazing place!

nomadic gnome said...

you guys are seeing the world. that fact alone makes me so happy. keep them photos comin!

Megan Marie said...

BEAUTIFUL! what lovely photos.

shayna said...

I think you look pretty at 5:45 a.m.

Linds said...

5:45 there would be what here?

you two look so tiny next to those incredible temples.