darjeeling or darjiling (tomaetoe, tomahtow)

darjeeling, july 13-14
the view from the hotel. the himalayas.

we kept saying we were in a cloud or the misty mountains... at almost 7,000 feet elevation.
tea in darjeeling. afternoon tea is just what you have to have.
excited for the toy train

cutest train i've ever seen
the happy couple with the train and someone's behind
darjeeling was a relief from the heat and the madness of the busy cities of mumbai, delhi and agra.
the journey up to darjeeling was definitely a trek- a three hour jeep ride, going straight up the mountain, in a crowded car. basically what i'm saying is that the stick shift was between my knees and i had to move my left leg each time the driver had to shift into first or second gears. my left thigh is now much stronger than my right.

we had tibetan food and it was so very delicious. their thenthuk soups are amazing. just a bunch of vegetables, flat noodles, broth and meat if you like. the perfect rainy weather meal. we went to kunga, the tibetan restaurant, twice.
many tibetan people live in the area, hence all the tibetan flags and tibetan food.

taking the toy train "joy ride" in darjeeling to the small town of ghum and back is one of the better things to do. you get to see the towns, people and the incredible mountains. the himalayas. yes, those himalayan mountains.

and tea. mmm i do love my tea. and many many great teas come from darjeeling.

things to remember:
vegetarian or non-veg sections on every restaurant menu (i love that since i have turned a little veg lately).
muslim call to prayer woke me up at 3:40 am both nights
really happy i found some great earrings here
milk shakes are frothy milk, you have to ask for ice cream
people are way nicer and less aggressive here than in mumbai or delhi or agra
toy train is 125 years old
when the train went up hills it sounded like "i think i can, i think i can"
our hotel got great reviews on a trip advisor, not great reviews from us


Anna said...

Oh my goodness, how beautiful. This is my favorite city you have posted about so far, judged by the photos :)

communikate. said...

this makes my heart hurt. in a an incredibly awesome good way. it's just so insanely beautiful!

Brittany said...

You live my dream Emily. Seriously. I always love seeing your travels, but this India and Asia trip is just something else.

p.s. I loved your "I think I can" reference.

Linda M. said...

Him-a-LAY-as or Hi-MAL-i-yas? I've heard it both ways. What do the locals say?

Rhianne said...

I know I keep saying it but WOW! That view is amazing and the train is so cute! wow.

Linds said...

your chacos are a perfect match for all of the greenery. how are your tans coming along ;)