a day in the life in cambodia

siem reap, cambodia, july 22-23
i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
we are adorable when we eat lunch in cambodia
dr. fish foot "massage"
"no piranha"
beautiful cambodian temples everywhere
tuk tuk time
mangosteens. the white part is the fruit.

we arrived in siem reap early and were able to check into our hotel at about 8:30am. that was so so nice since most hotels make you wait until about 2pm. our hotel was the angkor pearl hotel, which has gotten this prestigious trip advisor award because it's so awesome. it was really great, clean, great service and not to mention, a really good deal. there is also a food market close which keeps ben and i happy.

we went shopping and ate food and did some more of those things. by lunchtime we decided we loved cambodia.

we got a fish foot massage thingy where the fish eat the dead skin off your feet. it's a definite must to get the full southeast asian experience (since it's not specific to cambodia). it really tickles at first but then it's kind of awesome. and just sort of funny? and then your feet are so nice and smooth afterwards. especially nice if you've been backpacking asia for a few weeks.

ate at touich restaurant. it's #1 on trip advisor for restaurants in siem reap. the restaurant owner will pick you up, for free, from your hotel (and take you back) because the restaurant is kind of out of the way. it's a beautiful little restaurant with amazing food. we only paid $18 for the both of us for dinner, but we would have paid three times as much if we had to. everything about the restaurant is lovely. the people are so nice and all their food reflects how great they are.

things to remember:
saw a can of v8 at the market. it was almost $2 but i bought it because i needed some vegetables. best v8 ever.
found some mangosteens at the market and ate them. was so excited thanks to recommendation from megan. it's like a kiwi, banana, citrus fruit. love it.
i think cambodian (the language) looks really pretty.
i want to go back to cambodia. i feel like it's under appreciated and is often a side trip/footnote to many tourists' trips to thailand. but i really loved it.


Cassie said...

okay, the fish massage thingie totally freaks me out. you are a brave brave woman!

caroline said...

you and ben are also adorable when fish are nibbling at your toes. i'm glad there were no pirahnas; they would have made it difficult to continue your awesome trip. and shoot, you take beautiful pictures!

shayna said...

Hey I have a lovely bunch of coconuts too.

Courtney said...


PS: I'm wearing a bracelet my friend Emma brought me from Cambodia...loves it!

Linds said...

all i can think is tickle tickle.

i'm reading these with van here and i wanted to show him fish. because that's the new sign he's learning. he saw the fish and made the sign. so proud.

just put your hand vertical, thumb up. have your hand swim like a fish. second sign lesson.

Jennifer M. said...

I love that photo of the Cambodian lady on her bicycle. Great shot!

That fish picture makes me a little creeped out! Lol. I'm sure I could get used to it, but at first thought it makes my feet tickle. ;)

I found it kind of funny that you were in a land of open markets and loads of fresh produce and yet you bought V8 to satisfy your veggie craving. Wouldn't it have been cheaper and healthier to just buy some veggies at a farmer's stand?