the day we rode an elephant.

in cambodia we rode an elephant on july 23 in angkor.
mucho excitement
he steers with his feet
we were both smiling this big the entire elephant ride
she was such a good elephant. we took about three photos with her like this and each time she would hold still and let us touch her trunk.

our elephant ride was about 25 minutes. we rode from the south gate of angkor to angkor thom. lifelong goal of mine, checked off my list.

our ear to ear grins made up for the highly unenthused elephant driver dude.

if i ever move to cambodia or southeast asia, i'll get me an elephant because it would definitely be my preferred mode of transportation. even though getting everywhere may take about twice as long...
but i just know my elephant and i would be best friends because we like a lot of the same things like bananas, coconuts, walking and hanging out in the dirt.


Cassie said...

boy, that driver is a ball of giggles, isn't he?

love miss elephant!

communikate. said...

super rad! this is on my bucket list. can i cross it off because i'm living vicariously through you?

let me check my sources and i'll get back to you on that.


shayna said...

I think the elephant driver fell asleep a few years ago.

Linda M. said...

Now I have a grin from ear to ear just to see you two on an elephant!!

Linds said...

you are the coolest.

p.s. i've been wanting to see a photo of your gear {bag} and i'm loving the sneak peek we get in the last photo.

caroline said...

I'm hoping that when you get your elephant, you will make him some tie dye anklets.