delhi in red

new delhi on july 10
red fort
red fort
red fort
red fort
humayun's tomb
humayun's tomb
humayun's tomb
humayun's tomb
qutub minar
qutub minar
qutub minar

red fort: 17th century fort in old delhi, built to protect delhi.
humayun's tomb: tomb of emperor, first garden tomb in india, first structure to use red sandstone. also precursor to taj mahal: was first tomb that used persian architecture.
qutub minar: world's tallest brick minaret, built in 1193. a muslim minaret.

you know the india tourism ad campaign? !ncredible india! ? well it fits india well. india is incredible in every way:
incredibly beautiful, busy, hot, humid, dirty, fascinating, populated, historic, amazing, unique, colorful and challenging.

things to remember:
guy made fun of us for buying coke brand of bottled water "all americans buy this brand"
many people (men) have asked exactly this: "first time to india? how many days in india? where else are you going?"
traffic is nuts. everyone honks honks honks. a lot of time just to let other cars, tuk tuks, rickshaws and trucks they are coming
delhi belly (traveler's diarrhea) we are good so far!
have been lucky and haven't used a true indian toilet yet (i think because we are too afraid)
asked for milk for our cereal and got hot milk
red fort was so rainy, huge river-like puddles everywhere
about six people wanted photos with us at red fort
humayun's tomb was prettier than red fort, we thought
saw elephants and camel walking down the street. dogs everywhere. cows too.
the phrase "holy cow" has a whole new meaning to us now. trying to break the habit of saying it


kELLO! said...

haha that's so funny about the water- dasani, right? we don't buy that kind because james says when he lived in africa they would make fun of him for drinking it!

i want to go to india! glad you don't have any belly problems!

Rhianne said...

Emily it looks amazing!! I'm totally in awe.

Cassie said...

I always love traveling vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing! Have you ever read Shantaram? It piqued my interest in India for sure.

nomadic gnome said...

look how amazing! you guys are the coolest. live it up for the rest of us. :)

Receli said...

I love this! Keep posting!

shayna said...

I think we should photoshop our India pictures together and then it will be as if we were all there...at the same time.

Courtney said...


Linds said...

red sandstone. represent.