happy birthday, mr. ben (you're old now)


i love you.

this is the part where i get cheesy.

i love that you know a lot of things. and you continue to seek out new things to learn everyday. you always ask good questions. you crack a lot of jokes that are too smart for most people. you set me straight when i am being unpleasant or insensitive.

and you are really good at parallel parking.

you have taught me patience and optimism (two things i always need to work on). you always try to make me smile when i don't want to (and sometimes it makes me feel more angry but that's only because i am difficult).

you love to travel. you love to food with me.
travel? food? with you?

best ever.

i hope today we're sharing some curry in india on your birthday. and maybe we'll go to a bollywood movie. yes, bollywood.

i love you ben. thanks for saying yes when i asked you to marry me.

*photo taken in spain in february


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Ahhh I love how in love you two are!

communikate. said...

gah.. spain in february and now india in july?! you guys are my travel idols.

happy travels guys!

shayna said...

I have to admit, Ben, you are really good at parallel parking. Happiest Birthday.

sienna said...

happy birthday ben!