happy independence day from dc

the fourth of july, independence day, is such a great holiday.

it represents so many great things... and lately it's been very much a representation of summer for me.

on saturday. we moved some boxes. into a pod. and felt a lot of relief that that was over.
yes, we're moving.

yes, i'm heartbroken.
yes, more on that - later.

after indulging in the ultimate after move dinner -burgers and shakes and fries and cornbread-
we (ben, me, shayna, eric) walked around the u.s. capitol and enjoyed the perfect summer night.

not too hot, a slight breeze, unique people out celebrating or not celebrating, a dress rehearsal for the fourth of july show and fireflies.
love, love fireflies.

i may end up longing for walks like this. so peaceful. so many fireflies. a lot of hand-holding.

but i think ben will continue to hold my hand.

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shayna said...

And there was dancing. Lots of spastic dancing.