indian food is like a thousand times better in india (delhi)

delhi, july 9-11
1. gulab jamun 2. butter chicken and roti bread 3. after dinner "mint" 4. vanilla milkshake
1. our hotel street 2. butter dal 3. colorful straws 4. our street again
1. metro token 2. handicraft 3. our rickshaw ride 4. me, sweaty on rickshaw
at dilli haat market

indian food is like a thousand times better in india. that is so cliche. but so true. i feel like we have just eaten eaten eaten. and i love it of course. my love for indian food has grown exponentially. one of the places we went was described as, "local food, local price." best ever.

food in delhi:
andhra pradesh bhavan- southern indian food (not so common in u.s.)
it was incredibly busy. there was a security check to get in (like many places here) and all at once people rushed the security gate to get to the restaurant. it was as if everyone just saw their favorite bollywood star. one of the restaurant workers let ben and i go to the front of the line. we were the only white people (also like most places we've eaten) and i was ok getting special treatment (i usually am not).
food was a silver tray of different dipping curries and chutneys and bread pudding with fried roti type bread.

hot chimney- lamb korma and naan. and gulab jamun for dessert. everything so good. gulab jamun is a little cake ball that is soaked in a sort of honey. my favorite little treat.
ben told the restaurant owner i review restaurants online in the usa. i think that got him really excited. poor guy.

nizam's kathi kabab- kashmiri food. lamb and chicken kabab in a sort of egg roll. really fun.

cafe vagabond- butter dal with naan. i should eat more dal. vanilla milkshake to share. it was like frothy milk with big chunks of hard vanilla ice cream and little candied nuts. so delicious. i wish i had gotten my own.

things to remember:
we went out shopping july 11 and bought nothing. i wanted some gorgeous silver filigree earrings but i didn't want to pay the price. i guess i am cheap. but we bought nothing. so surprising.
went to spice market. it makes you cough and your eyes burn because it is so strong. pretty rad.
walked in the hot hot heat. so unrelentingly hot.
took a rickshaw. everyone has to do it once.
we went a little too long without lunch on july 11 which makes for a fussy emily. until i ate, then i was nice again.
was really nervous about it but we took the metro. so, so cheap and probably the cleanest part of the city! so surprised. and there is a ladies only train car. ben had to move to the next car and i stayed with the ladies.


Courtney said...

i get crabby too when I eat late.

spice market = i want to go to there

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Wonderful photos, such an awesome trip!

shayna said...

Isn't it amazing how food makes people nice again?

Linda M. said...

As usual, I am in awe of your photos. Also of India. You two are inspiring!

Linds said...

you do review restaurants online in the usa. the emily.b guide--always spot on.