more !ncredble! india (delhi)

delhi, july 10
ben in a tuk tuk
india gate (does it look like my bottom half is trying to run away?)
bahai lotus temple
more red fort
at red fort
swaminarayan akshardham
at lodi gardens
lodi gardens
lodi gardens
lodi gardens

india gate: national monument. originally "all war memorial"
bahai lotus temple: bahai worship by making gardens. temple is marble in the shape of a lotus flower
red fort: 17th century fort, built to protect delhi
swaminarayan akshardham: amazing hindu temple
lodi gardens: 90 acres, 15th century, incredible gardens

i really can't believe all the things we've seen so far. and i still can't believe we are here in india. after over a year of planning, we are here. i wake up in the morning and think, yep, still in india! it's surreal.

things to remember:
i kind of heart tuk tuks
rented a taxi the whole day, the driver was so nice and about half ben's size
people asking for money or selling things. women selling or asking, touch my arm or leg and it makes it that much harder to refuse
i like that indians pay about 5 rupees for tourist attractions when tourists pay about 250 rupees. keep in mind, 250 rupees is still less than $6
at lotus temple more people wanted to take our photo or just take our photo without us "knowing"
we had to take our shoes off at lotus temple, which admittedly freaked us out a little
so many people stare, but i stare too (or more like gawk?)


kELLO! said...

you look good all sporty in that headband thing in the middle of monsoon season! traveling looks good on you.

glad you guys are getting around and having a great time!

communikate. said...

ah! so cool.

Anna said...

those gardens are incredible! how amazing to be in a place with such a rich culture and history.

Linda M. said...

Fabulous adventures! I love the water dripping off of the stone flowers. I would totally want to take pictures of you if I was there!

Katie said...

Amazing! Question about tuk tuks... are they motorized, or more like a bike?

Diana said...

i would love to visit India one day. In the meantime, living vicariously through your photographs.

Linds said...

i think i want my future house to look like the bahai lotus temple. amazing!

Jennifer M. said...

Ha! I love that photo of Ben in the mirror. That's really a creative shot - I love it. :)