ode to dc [homemade video]

i love dc from emily blythe on Vimeo.

music by postal service and sufjan stevens.



shayna said...

This video makes me really sad to leave DC and I didn't even live there.

communikate. said...

this is sad and happy and then more sad.

you've left me in a confused state of being.

also.. side note. are you even these comments, or are you too busy riding freaking elephants in asia? :)

Laura said...

this got me choked up. i moved from dc almost two months ago, and i think i feel the same as you. i really miss it. thanks for showing scenes from a lovely place.

Emily said...

This was really nice. I need to hit up DC more often - there is so much to experience.

Ashley Ord said...

I loved this. I wanted to come visit you here and watching this made me feel like I did for 5 minutes.
I was also freaked out by how I kept thinking you were Shayna. You guys do so many of the same facial expressions.