ode to dc [post]

i simply could not bear the thought of leaving dc.

how did we even get here?

when we were about to get married, we thought, oh sure, we'll live in salt lake city for a year. and then we'll move.
but why wait? so we just took the plunge. just after we got married, moved across the country without jobs... without direction really (well, we had a gps).
and landed in arlington, va for the first 11 months. then the district. capitol hill for the remaining 26 months.

3 whole years in a place that has changed me forever and always.

was it the place? the people? the adventures ben and i had? the eateries? the desserts? the shops? the way dc is different from block to block? how it's kind of tropical? one of the littlest big cities? the charm? the rowhouses? our apartment (obsessed still with our capitol hill apartment)? how the dogs in our neighborhood always howl with the ambulances?
was it everything?

it breaks my heart to leave. before graduation, every time i thought about graduating, i would almost burst into tears. i think that came from a lot of things, but some of that had to be the thought of leaving dc.

dc isn't all politics and hollywood for ugly people... it's a district, a unique city without statehood, with such a variety of people making up it's ever-eclectic population.

i love you, dc.
thanks for the most perfectly crazy, awesome, wonderful, powerful, life-changing 3 years.


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Leaving is so difficult, especially if you've cultivated a life, community and culture for the two of you there.

Thinking of you... and all the adventures that lay beyond.

Brittany said...

Oh man, leaving home is hard. I think I can understand that a little. I hope it gets a little easier soon.

But, I have to say, I am so excited to follow your adventures in NYC.

communikate. said...

this makes me happy/sad for you! new york though! the fun to be had.

i'm serious about showing up on your stoop one of these days too.;)

Anna said...

Aw, what a beautiful ode! But you guys are going to have soooo many adventures and find lots of other places that will be special to you :) That's what I keep telling myself, in the mid-20's jumping-around stage of life.

Receli said...

It is interesting how a place is so much things all wrapped up and full of emotion. We are moving to Phoenix in a few weeks... and I feel in complete denial, excited, sad, EVERYTHING.

One of my students from Colombia talks about how she is never 'satisified' because when she is in the US, a part of her yearns to be in Colombia and vice versa. I think when we die we end up with so many different "homes" really.

and then everything reminds us of them... smells, sounds, etc ...

shayna said...

Hey Emily, DC called yesterday....it really misses you and wants you to stop by soon and pick up your car.

Jennifer M. said...

Fun! That sounds like a cool place - it would be neat to visit there someday. You can always move back there, you know, if you want to. Sometimes some cities capture our hearts in ways others don't. Sounds like DC captured your heart for sure!