on the balinese coast

bali, indonesia, july 17-20
seminyak beach
kuta beach
my cute surfer dude
ben is a boy who belongs on the beach
my balancing act
near tanah lot temple
1. tanah lot temple 2. us 3. it was sunny 4. another beautiful temple

temples at sunset

this is us in bali. bali is beautiful. bali is busy. bali is full of australians. ben said, "so this is what australia is like."

we stayed in kuta, where many tourists stay, or rather, australians. kuta beach was nice but we were really glad we went to seminyak beach as well, a short cab ride away. it was nicer, cleaner and not as busy as kuta. (thanks for the advice, sarah, and other nice friends.)

ben took surfing lessons and got a henna tattoo that is a hindu symbol for "welcome"

loved the people. and the food was good, but to be honest, we didn't experience a lot of it due to a slight bout of bali belly. don't worry, we're cool now.

indonesia is predominately muslim, but bali is more hindu. never knew this until now.

admittedly, i was strongly disillusioned with how unauthentic and tourist-ridden some parts of bali are. it was disappointing, but that is what tourism does to a place so beautiful, sometimes. that's why it was nice to see more than one aspect of bali.

i've also heard from people how mad some locals get because tourists expect everything to be so cheap. we heard a lot of,
"thanks for nothing"
"you are crazy people"

we did like being the few americans in a sea of australians, though. people got excited when we said we were from the usa. also because everyone here loves president obama. hehe.

really happy we came to bali. it's not everyday you are a short plane ride from an amazing tropical island.

and somehow, whenever i visit a tropical island... i end up wanting to live there...


shayna said...

I want to live there too and take pictures of balancing acts. I always love being called crazy. Call me crazy.

Courtney said...

agreed....why I continue to live in sticky Indiana (literally, it is 98 degrees with about 90% humidity) is beyond me. maybe someday we will pack up and move to paradise!

kELLO! said...

i LOVE all of these photos! so fun!

ben has a tattoo? is that allowed?

Linds said...

i wish i could pull off the double glasses, but i can barely keep one pair on. van always tries to pull them off.