our perfect dc apartment (that we had to leave behind)

living room
dining roomour photo wallsmore photos and the sewing "room"

our capitol hill, dc apartment was really just sort of perfect.

i'll miss the one light in the kitchen that has a short and turns on whenever it feels like it.
the way the kitchen sink was positioned... so awkwardly.
all the guests we had.
the bake fests.
the relief once the a/c was fixed.
coming home everyday to a place we both love.
and the little quirky things just didn't matter and helped us to love the place even more.
sneaking up on the roof to see things from a bit higher. and to watch fireworks.
cooking so much the microwave fan sounded like it might blow up.
seeing how much stuff we could fit in one coat closet (a lot).

i love that place. those new tenants are lucky ducks.


shayna said...

But I love your apartment too. The bake fests and the Insanity mornings. I miss it like a long lost friend.

communikate. said...

man. a dishwasher? i'm sad for you too.

sienna said...

very cute apartment. wish we could have seen it. we'll have to come visit in your new one.

Jennifer M. said...

I don't know why but I expected your apartment to look like Mulder's or Scully's (you know... from X-Files). Lol. It's very cute though! So sad that you'll be leaving it!

ben said...

I miss this apt, in a I still love our current place, but oh the memories