day trip to phi phi leh island

day to phi phi leh, thailand, july 27
bamboo island
bamboo island
viking cave
phi phi ley bay
phi phi ley bay
phi phi ley bay
maya beach
maya beach

phi phi ley - pronounced "pee pee lay"
the water really is turquoise. if you're planning a trip to thailand, promise me you will visit phi phi leh. the island is uninhabited-incredible-gorgeous-amazing. you see photos of the beaches and the water and lagoons and you think, surely those photos are photoshopped.
here i am, anti-photoshop, telling you it's real. the water is beautiful and the temperature even better. the sand on the beaches: white and so so fine. the rocks are high and green and picturesque.

we spent time on bamboo island on our way to phi phi ley just swimming around in the perfect water.
then we got to see viking cave where these birds' nests have been formed from the birds' own saliva. supposedly it's a delicacy and costs an arm and a leg. somehow we missed out on this delicacy :)
phi phi ley bay. a hidden lagoon of gorgeousness.
maya beach. i haven't seen it, but if you've seen the ever so awesome (sarcasm) movie "the beach" with leo dicaprio, maya beach was made famous because of that movie. blah blah, i would've died happy without knowing that fact.
so we just swam around in the beautiful water pretending like we "discovered" the beach for the first time.

i'd like to be the first to inhabit phi phi ley.


caroline said...

wait. you saw bird's nests formed from bird saliva? in a viking cave? and you didn't stop for a taste?

shayna said...

That first picture of the two of you is a framer.

sienna said...

i want to swim in that water so badly. looks awesome. that top picture is awesome. i might want to frame it (since i already brag about my world traveler friends, now i can show people a picture to prove it).

Jennifer M. said...

So gorgeous! It looks like some place you'd see in Survivor. ;)