domo, tokyo [our last stop in asia]

tokyo, japan, august 8
sensoji temple
woah. that's a big lantern (and japanese dr pepper)
tokyo tower and more sensoji temple
i love japanese gardens
so peaceful
hello! i ordered the large shaved ice (i didn't actually order that).
legit dinner (no shoes and sitting on the floor and all)
tempura. sushi. amazing.
muji tokyo
shibuya. see ben?
posing like the locals
domo, tokyo! (thanks, tokyo!)

tokyo is a city's city. so happening, so crowded, so east it's west. and the things the kids are wearing these days- so stylin'!

sensoji temple was really beautiful, the shops, the huge lanterns, the temple itself (tokyo's oldest) and of course the gardens. someday when i have my millions and an actual garden... i want it to be japanese style complete with waterfall, koi and bridge.
near the temple, ben got really excited about japanese dr pepper and i got excited to see the "japanese haved ice" being made.

and since our time was so short in tokyo, we only got to spend the rest of our time in the shibuya area where all the young hipsters hang out and eat. it also has the busiest intersection in the world. supposedly.
sushi. sushi is what we wanted. but for some reason it was difficult to find. so maybe it's just not as popular as america japanese food is made out to be.
but we finally found some. and it was great. and the tempura probably greater.

and we got to visit a muji store in tokyo. muji is a japanese home store... that ben and i discovered and fell in love with in milano on our honeymoon. and lucky for me, the only usa muji stores are in nyc. i would buy everything in the store if i could afford it, but for now i may need a few house warming gifts for ben and i.
what i am saying is, i have a thing for muji.

i would definitely go back to tokyo.

things to remember:
it takes a really long time to get from both tokyo and seoul airports to said cities. boo.
the minimum you can take out at the atm is 10,000 yen...which is like $125 usd. kind of frustrating.
i want to turn japanese? or korean? i think the people are especially beautiful in japan and korea. just my opinion.
people were so helpful and polite.
late at night we had the pleasure of watching a japanese book-review type show. between that and the commercials we were laughing our heads off because we're culturally insensitive like that.
we ate our weight in hi-chews. hi-chews are my favorite candy in the whole wide world (they are originally from japan).


Little Miss Tiara said...

lol... I think whenever you do that V pose you're becoming a little bit more asian :)) we love to do that a LOT and did my eyes playing on me? because you DO look kind of asian to me :))

anyway, I'm so envious of you two >_< I want to travel the world tooooo... *whines* and lol at that HUGE shaved ice, I'm not sure if I can ever finish that if I have one o.O

Anna said...

you guys are so adventurous! does sitting on the floor make you eat less? i imagine your stomach would get squished haha.

Receli said...

I love the picture of Ben... he is seriously like 2 heads taller. So funny to be in other cultures! Tokyo looks fab! I am now convinced to go. My only fear is that I don't like fish... will I be an outcast?

sienna said...

We are still kicking ourselves for not going to Japan when my brother lived there. It is definitely top on my list of places to visit. Glad you had fun. The food looks delicious.

Miss Bear said...

Gimmi that tempura!! Yummmmm! Love you guys!

audreyrose said...

ahh you took me back to when I visited japan as an exchange student...so exciting!

shayna said...

Dang, that was a big ass lantern.

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