friendly faces and food

with baby donovan
scoping out the menu
wicked lottery (we didn't win, twice)
walking the brooklyn bridge at night (and after torrential rain)
brooklyn ice cream factory (divine), grimaldi's pizza
we love four seats in a row
funny faces
suzie, linny, me (probably all hopped up on sugar)
waiting for taco truck tacos

during korean bbq (at ny komtang in koreatown) on lindsay, randy and donovan's last night, we asked them---
when people ask what the highlight of their nyc trip was, what would they say?

the food.

in addition to korean bbq, we had:
shake shack
brooklyn ice cream factory
pomodoro (in soho)
pepe rosso
levain bakery
brother jimmy's bbq
doughnut plant
the taco truck
jacques torres chocolates
eleni's bakery

not to mention, homemade gelato (raspberry and peachlime)

some of those places... we may have eaten at more than once. but i am not at liberty to disclose which places and how many times. wink.

now it's back to eating-in for like ever. spinach and fruit smoothies for every meal. mmm.

but if you're interested in a food tour of nyc, i am a really good tour guide.


shayna said...

You have friendly faces.

our little love nest said...

You always have such beautiful photos!! Now I am craving Brooklyn Ice Cream and a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. I love that Bridge photo..SUPER PRETTY!

sienna said...

looks so so so fun. you guys are good tour guides. i know this first hand. i've said it once, but i'll say it again. i so wish i could have been there.

Emily said...

i would have to agree with you!

Courtney said...

a food tour of NYC sounds great...actually, a food tour of pretty much anywhere sounds great. I'm starving!!!!

EunnieProctor said...

I love food. I hope I can do a food tour of NY soon. I especially love Korean BBQ and New York pizza. My only request if we make it out there is that Donovan join us on our food tour. He is just so cute.

Linds said...

you are The Tour Guide.