hong kong : the vertical city

hong kong, august 1-2
hong kong lds (mormon) temple
my attractive husband at the temple gardens
love love loved the mtr (metro). and a neato camera cake.
really amazing food in hong kong
ladies' street market
just a custom made shirt for ben (monogrammed and all)
hong kong island at sunset
view of hong kong island and kowloon from victoria peak
more city skyline
the magical-colorful-bright lights

another view from victoria peak

i love cities. especially hong kong. it is very busy and bustling and pretty clean. especially the metro.
did you know?
-hong kong is the world's most vertical city
-90% of hong kong's residents use public transportation (i love hk residents for this)
-hong kong was a british territory until 1997 (so recent!) - so many people speak english and cantonese - and some even mandarin
-hong kong is kind of an independent state... it's an administrative region of china, but independent at the same time. confusing.

we were sad we couldn't go inside the hk mormon temple (because it is closed mondays) but we got to see the outside. it's just as lovely as in photos... or more so.
the metro was super easy to use (except choosing which way to exit) and very clean. i judge a city by its subway/metro/underground?

the food. oh the food.
we ate at nomads. and tim ho wan. tim ho wan is michillen rated (legit).
nomads is the hk interpretation of mongolian bbq. it's "all you can eat" for about $8.50 usd per person. you gather up the noodles, vegis, fruits, meats, spices and sauces you want and the cooks cook it up for you. you can also make little pizzas. and well, it is one of the better meals we've had in the past weeks.
tim ho wan is hard to find if you are looking for a restaurant sign with western letters. so know your store fronts! we got the baked sweet buns with the bbq pork filling (so so good) and some other dim sum dishes. i think $4 usd per person? we were lucky too because we beat the rush, usually there is a very long wait.

ladies' street market is great market for all your clothing, souvenir, shoes, accessories, et cetera needs. much better than temple street market in my opinion.

ben got a custom made shirt from william cheng and son. those tailors sure know what they are doing and they were super fast. not to mention, the price is nice. thanks so much for recommendation from hannahrobbie.

we took the star ferry from kowloon to hk island (at central) for about 32 us cents per person, around sunset time. then the 15 bus will take you up to the top of victoria peak to see the nightly light show at 8pm. the bus is the best way to go because the tram is spendy and has a long long line.

i loved looking at all the pretty buildings from up high. i decided i prefer to see nature in the big city sense or totally secluded/rural sense. not much in between.

and someday, we'll go back to hk and visit hk disneyland.

things to remember:
at tim ho wan restaurant we asked if they had coca cola or bottled water for sale. the server said, "you can go to seven eleven."
seven elevens everywhere (in thailand too).
i decided nyc needs more buildings with colorful lights.
ben's custom made shirt. finally, a shirt with long enough arms.
hk feels very unique and special. that's because it is.
we may have had melona ice cream bars for breakfast. so. good.
because the streets are fairly well labeled, it wasn't difficult to find our way around.
we met a guy who has been traveling for 8 months. he has been all over and even hiked to base camp (everest)... which is like 22,000 feet elevation. he was telling us all these crazy stories and well... we both had a crush on him. he asked, "so are you two just friends, dating...?" me: "we're married. and we're friends." and then we talked about how nice it is to be married to another crazy person who would up and travel for 5 weeks in asia with you... love you, ben.


caroline said...

hooray for public transportation! i love the picture of those lights. love it.

hanner said...

robbie's gonna be so jealous when he hears you met william cheng and/or son.

communikate. said...

you guys are making me JEALOUS!! so glad you're able to see so many great places.

when do you go home?

shayna said...

I dream of having all my clothes custom made for me. I don't need many clothes, just all perfected tailored.

Megan Marie said...

I was looking on google for images of temple gardens and I saw the first picture of your husband. I thought, "How do I know him??" I was so excited to follow the link back to your blog and it reminded me how much I enjoyed reading it! It's been forever but I wanted to say hello and that I LOVE your pictures of your adventures!! I was glad to read and catch up!