how mr ben and i spent the hurricane weekend

adding pins to our map (asia)
eating lemon-ricotta pancakes (amazing. incredible. will repeat.)
studying (my cute law student so diligent in his reading)

the prep for the hurricane was really exciting for me--- like going to get ben's haircut (and maybe a quick stop at the doughnut plant) and then standing in line at the trader joe's in chelsea--- just to get into the store.
we got a few more things from tj's to hold us over and ingredients for the above lemon-ricotta pancakes. so worth it. i highly recommend them- considering i don't usually love pancakes because they can be dry and hard to swallow... but these. so. good. i will make them again and again (i hope).

the prep was also exciting for me because it reminded me of dc snowpocalypse... staying in all weekend with ben. my favorite.
but the hurricane was a little weak-sauce... at least here in nyc. well uptown manhattan. downtown got hit a bit harder. (sorry folks!)

the rest of the weekend was spent organizing our new apartment more, having friends over for dinner, adding pins to our map and ben studying for law school, while i applied for jobs (and blogged).

i'd say we're pretty legit now having survived a hurricane and earthquake in our first few weeks of nyc living.


communikate. said...

look at you and your pins on the map!! awesome i tell ya!

oh, and the brick wall in your apartment! love it!

shayna said...

Too legit to quit. Hey, hey.

Receli said...

You are way hardcore!

hanner said...

i´ve been meaning to make a pin map thing and i need to do it! you have inspired me.

kELLO! said...

i like your pin map.

Linds said...

your pin map rocks!