how to blog on an ipad

the ipad and blogging on the ipad saved me while traveling in asia this summer. blah blah i traveled in asia this summer... but this about blogging. on an ipad.

first - buy an ipad (starting at $499). ben and i have the white, 16g, wi-fi ipad with an apple polyurethane magnetic case, in green. i recommend it :)

second - buy the sd memory card/camera cord adapter from apple for $29.99 (ipad camera connection kit). this makes it super easy to upload photos from your camera to the ipad.

third - buy the blog press app for $4.99.

fourth - blog. compose online or offline- this is my favorite thing. you can compose offline and save for later. i blogged on our trip when we were on planes, trains and buses. it worked really well for me.

and then schedule posts for whenever you like. i love this about blogger. schedule posts in the future. genius.

buy photo wall for $2.99, for photo collages
get adobe photoshop express for $? (it might be free) for cropping, rotating, adjusting exposure, et cetera.

and finally for the nit-picky blogger - i save my posts in the blogpress app as an online draft and then open the post in the internet browser to fix the spacing between the photos in html. because for some reason, the app has a weird spacing issue.
one cannot blog successfully in the internet browser, so that's why i don't use only that.

while i prefer to blog on a computer, blogging on an ipad is pretty great and convenient while you're on the go.

happy blogging!


shayna said...

When I become a blogger, I will refer back to this post.

kELLO! said...

i want to buy james an ipad for his daddy present. every new dad needs one, right? i'm thinking about putting things like an ipad, kindle, new camera, etc. subtly into the baby budget and fingers crossed he won't notice? ha. but seriously- i did put a kindle on our registry and james put some tools. haha. #selfish

carla thorup said...

We totally have the exact same iPad and green cover- bam! And I totally love it... And maybe shd blog on it. Bless apple's heart!

Linds said...

thanks for all the blog help. you're the bestest.