tim gunn
union square market
max brenner's chocolate bar

we saw tim gunn at a store in soho, speaking on behalf of love is not abuse coalition. such a nice man.

we visited union square market where we bought some red jacket juice (from geneva, ny) and looked at all the lovely produce and things for sale. i will say i was disappointed in the sparse amount of organic stands. and there were no organic peaches. do i sound snobby?
peaches are the worst for pesticides and gunk. you want to buy peaches organic whenever you can.

we had dessert for dinner at max brenner's chocolate bar. we got the s'mores concoction. super awesome. and it may look small to share--- but it's not. you definitely want to share!

we also stopped by strand books and brooklyn industries. did you know my oldest niece is named after the nyc borough of brooklyn? i really feel like i should buy her wardrobe at brooklyn industries.

we were subletting for a few days, then moving. i am so ready to live out of a closet and dresser and my own kitchen--- instead of a hotel, a backpack, a sublet.

other celeb sightings: al pacino in the theater district. he was leaving a broadway show with a young lady on his arm. he also looked a little homeless and gaunt, sporting a ponytail.


communikate. said...

you're totally a new yorker with a celeb sighting like that!!

i wish i you could see how green i am with envy that you're living there. tell me it's horrible okay?!

sigh.. autumn in new york. christmas in new york. spring in new york.. yep.. one of these years. :)

nomadic gnome said...

ohhh i might have to stop reading your blog - i can't handle all these beautiful NYC pictures! i even miss that 5th floor walk up apartment of mine. my best friend lived in a 6th floor walkup, so mine always seemed like a better deal. haha.

where is your new apartment?

Miss Bear said...

I do get jealous of you when I look at your pictures! What a fabulous way to spend first years of marriage...DC, NYC? You can't get better than that!

Courtney said...

I can't wait for more random celeb siting updates!

sienna said...

fun, fun, fun. can't wait to hear about your adventures with your first apartment guests who arrived today. i gave linny some of my recommendations, but i told her that i'm sure you guys would think of plenty of fun things to do to keep them busy.

meg fee said...

so i have some friends who did a play with mr. pacino and they posted personal photos of him on their facebook...and yes, yes, i would concur.