on the beach in thailand (krabi)

krabi, thailand, july 26-28
we couldn't decide who got to wear "the glasses" to dinner, so we both did
aonang beach, krabi

so picturesque
the last cafe

our 'r' for Rad bikes

i never understood beach vacations until ben and i went to the dominican republic. like... you go to the beach... and you like... sit there. A MYSTERY? it was to me for a long time.
now i have learned to enjoy it. relax. relax? i deserve it right? i did just get a master's degree. i feel better justifying myself like that.
the beach in thailand. krabi. phi phi. all so incredibly beautiful. dare i say, more beautiful than bali? yes i do dare.

and the aonang part of krabi is a little less crowded, a little unique and has three too many 7-elevens. it has four. ha.

things to remember:
fried bananas. still our new favorite thing.
lunch on the beach at the last cafe. pretty cheap. pretty delicious (massaman curry).
the bikes from our hotel. so cute and vintage. and by that i mean, old and a little crappy.
the guy who told ben, he surely was not american. yes, surely ben is wrong about where he is from.
little shops open at night. pretty much every shop was selling the same things.
the water is just so warm. i vow to never set foot in the freezing california ocean water again (ok that's probably a lie).
i will come back. i will come back to krabi.


Sonja said...

Looks like paradise! and the food looks soooo good!
enjoy it all! :o)

Sonja said...
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laden backpack said...

I will never forget climbing in the
water off the coast of central America and noting that it was like
slipping into a bathtub after a long
run, delightful. Glad there are
other places in the world like that.
thanks for the post.

communikate. said...

ha! i'm cracking up about the beach vacation part. i totally understand that. we're rarely take a "vacation" when we travel too.

and i'm jealous of your sunny faces and and tans.

shayna said...

Where did you get that super cool hot pink scrunchie?

sienna said...

you post pictures of indian food and then i have to go eat indian food, now you post pictures of thai food and i'm craving thai food. stop! just kidding, keep posting. that pad thai in the last post looks fresher and more delicious than anything i've ever seen in any thai restaurant here.

Jennifer M. said...

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