one night in bangkok

bangkok, thailand, july 24-25
green curry and pad thai
the grand palace
wat pho (#3 is a typical bangkok building)
wat pho
wat pho
the enormous reclining buddha at wat pho
with buddha
on the public boat, crossing the river
view of bangkok
wat arun
the top of wat arun

we had only one night in bangkok, but we felt ok with that since we were kind of over the awful traffic. that and when we arrived, our cab driver couldn't find our hotel, when we "found it" and he dropped us off, it turns out it was the wrong location. same hotel company, wrong location. and then the next day on our way to the bus station, it took 1.5 hours to go 20 kilometers. not cool.

the grand palace. self explanatory. beautiful.
wat pho is where the huge reclining buddha is. wat pho is also where thai massage originated.
wat arun is a really tall temple with steep steps. totally worth the hike up to see the city from up high.

things to remember:
metered cabs are cheapest. negotiating a cab or tuktuk can be way too much of a rip off.
we fell in love with our hipster thai server at a restaurant off khao san road.
khao san road is where all the tourists hang out and shop. it was fun to experience and we were glad to find out fisher pants there.
went to central world, the shopping mall. it was fancy and huge and they have sofas and recliners at their movie theaters. wish we would have had time for a movie.
bangkok is much bigger and "modern" than i imagined it.
glad we made our bus.
took an overnight bus to krabi (the beach). ben made it worth it by "translating" a thai soup opera for me, making me laugh until i cried.


shayna said...

I need to start shaping my rice into different animals.

Sonja said...

Ahh! Sounds and looks Amazing...I want to go to Southeast Asia so very badly. Gorgeous photos!

laden backpack said...

needless to say everything you publish is amazing. can't believe
you are seeing all of these things and we are getting the chance to see them second hand through the blog. This is amazing. Keep em comin.

Linda M. said...

The rice reminds me of the bear soaps at the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone.
It makes me happy to see your photos!