our stay in paradise, thailand (phi phi don island)

the island of phi phi don, thailand, july 29-31
view from our long tail boat.
long tail boats. i heart them.
jasmin restaurant. we ate there 3 times in 2 days.
good food = happy couple
penang curry and pad thai
we float!
ben learning to breathe under water
la vista bonita
waiting for sunset
mr hot tan man.
piƱa colada. pineapple juice and coconut milk? genius.
our melancholy departure
a little village
view of phi phi leh from phi phi don pier

after our day trip to phi phi leh, we were extra excited we would be staying on phi phi don (pee pee dawn). phi phi leh and don are right next to each other. as mentioned, phi phi leh isn't inhabited. phi phi don is.
we stayed at a great hotel, on a secluded beach that has a few small stores...

and one great restaurant: jasmin. the hotel has restaurants but we felt more comfortable hanging at jasmin. a thai lady and her australian husband have owned the place for 7 years now. incredible thai food. and right on the beach. so basically your feet are in the sand and you watch the long tail boats and lovely andaman sea while you eat.

phi phi don seemed the most dreamtastic of all the places we've been so far...
i think because it is so indescribably beautiful, the beach, water and setting practically perfect.
and i'm not just saying that, i swears.

i will definitely go back someday.

but for places this beautiful, i get nervous what it will look like in 10 years. will it still be amazing? will jasmin restaurant still be there? i sure hope so.

love you, phi phi.

things to remember:
how nice everyone was.
i finally got the hang of floating in the water. probably due to the high salt content in the water.
snorkeling, amazing. fish everywhere, right by the hotel.
long tail boat rides. like being in a movie.
pretty much all the long tail boat drivers were wearing full soccer kits.
finished reading "the glass castle" by jeanette walls. i really, really liked it. really well written and an incredibly powerful memoir. (thanks shayna for passing the book on to me.) ben actually got sick of the book he was reading (moby dick by herman melville) and took my book from me and finished before i did. personally, i try to stay away from books with words such as "dick" and "herman" on the cover. hehe.
ben and i had a lot of time to sit and talk about serious things. like how our lives will be in a couple-few weeks. its about to get real serious y'all. ben starting law school. me finding a job. and oh yeah, we need to find an apartment... not an easy feat in nyc.


shayna said...

Did I spot some "pie" pants? That's what Eric calls them.

Jennifer M. said...

This loks so beautiful!! I definitely want to go here someday. Have a great rest of your vacation! :)