saturday in central park

harlem meer
jackie k. o. reservoir
i'm slowly realizing that central park (and all the hundreds of quaint parks in new york city) are what keep the city and its people sane.

green space, or just a place to sit on a bench near a tree is sort of essential for survival, in my opinion.

central park was especially nice on saturday. when all the people were out--- walking, biking, talking, skateboarding, telling jokes, playing songs on guitars, having unusually long picnics.

we (me, ben, linny, randy, donovan) walked from the harlem meer at about 106th street down to 72nd where some friends were having an extended picnic with some other friends. along the way we were distracted by hot dog and ice cream stands, the metropolitan museum of art, protesters and lots and lots of people.

the nearly-end-of-summer in this city is turning out to be pretty darn great.


shayna said...

Love your earrings, they are one of a kind.

Bridget said...

great pics and beautiful day. hope you are loving the city so much. the food alone? ah, i could spend a year in nyc eating out 3 meals a day and prob not tire of the food.

Emily said...

such cuties in those pics. And you look ravishing ma dear! I hope you guys are having a super lovely time. Did you get my voicemail? I hope we can finish our (much too abruptly ended) chat soon! xo!

Linds said...

i love being distracted by ice cream stands.

central park is so amazing. thanks for sharing it with us :)