seoul's got soul.

seoul, south korea, august 7
a nice city view
at bongeusna buddhist temple
loved the lanterns...
pretty city
my cute man on the seoul subwaymetro
kimchi museum
koreans do frozen yogurt right (at iceberry)
korean bbq and the most amazing watermelon smoothie
n seoul tower
seoul tower (so tall)
seoul tower
nyc and dc so far away...
seoul city at night
locks of loooove

seoul seoul seoul seoul. leading up to seoul felt so huge because we have close close people in our lives who are very connected to korea (and some who are korean-american). hi you people. we love you. and we feel like we learned a lot even though we were only in seoul a day.

the beginning and end of day went really well. for example, it started with a melona ice cream bar for breakfast. and riding the subwaymetro, one of my favorite things. and seeing cute koreans out shopping at the coex mall. the bongeusna temple. experiencing the kimchi museum.
i didn't love kimchi before... but now i really like it. maybe it's just way better in korea, or maybe i'm more immune to spicy foods now.

but then, somehow in the middle of the day, things didn't seem to be panning out for us. we visited a couple markets recommended by family, friends and wikipedia... and maybe we were lost or something, but we were disappointed with the dongdaemun market and the namdaemun market. boo.
maybe it was the day of the week. or maybe just not what we were expecting. oh well.

iceberry was a definite highlight where you get frozen yogurt, fruit and shaved ice all together. you mix it up if you like and it's quite the summer treat (thanks for rec, scotty).
and huge. huge treats are the only way to go.

then we couldn't find where a nytimes recommended korean bbq place was. our cab driver -luckily- found it, but it was closed that day. strike two, nytimes travel (we went to a nyt rec restaurant in mumbai that had completely closed).
but, instead we found another bbq place that had watermelon smoothies = made up for it.

n seoul tower was really great as well (thanks eun). it was exciting to go to the top at night. especially because it was a rainy/very windy night so we could literally feel the tower sway while we were at the observation level. i tried to not think about it too much...
then the locks of love. at the base of n seoul tower, there is a huge fence, where couples have brought padlocks and locked them to the fence. doing this actually made me teary (i am a bag of emotion)... because i love my man-friend-husband a whole lot. i love him exponentially more than five weeks ago. isn't it amazing how love grows like that?
especially after the experiences like we've had this summer...

things to remember:
the praying at the buddhist temple.
koreans are like really nice.
yellow bus 2 to seoul tower. steep hill. so rainy and windy.
fun music that plays on the seoul subwaymetro when a train is approaching or a transfer station is coming up. sounds like you're at disneyland.


Scott said...

I love the pictures; it made me feel like I was back in my second home :)

EunnieProctor said...

Love the photos. Sorry the middle of the afternoon didn't go so well. I wonder if you guys got lost and didn't end up in the right part of the market areas. Dondaemun is like the fashion Mecca of Korea. It's pretty awesome. I'm glad you liked N Seoul Tower. I hope to place a padlock there some day with Paul. Love you lots!! Can't wait to hear more details. Love all you pictures and especially your thoughts to remember. Can't believe how much you guys did on your trip!

shayna said...

I'm going to need to get a house with a big yard and just fill it with lanterns, hanging from everywhere.

linnea paulina said...

I love your photos of Seoul - you're making me hungry for some Korean BBQ! Also, I love the lockets on top of Seoul tower - there's something magic seeing them and thinking of all the people who placed them there. *sigh* I have some wonderful memories of spending a chilly Christmas with my fam in 2009!