settling in

we are still settling into our new apartment.

i love it. ben loves it. we love it. the more we discover in the neighborhood and even right here in our apartment, we are in love love love.
(things like watching the birds fly in formation across the street, our new a/c unit and wild olive market have been highlights so far.)
so that helps a lot.

we were dreading that we'd find an "ok" place and then sort of hate it and hope we lived somewhere else.
nope. not this place.
and every time i make it to the top of the 5 flights o' stairs... i think, my legs are going to look awesome in a few months.
---right? right?

the day after we moved in, our great great friends, lindsay, randy and donovan arrived to visit us.
it was really great motivation to get a lot of things unpacked and set up.
and we are so glad they are here. they are here only a few more days and i feel sad at the thought that they will actually leave.
it's good having visitors that you want to have stick around. it's a good sign that you actually like each other :)

so yes. we are in a new apartment. and we love it.
and we are in a new city. and we love it.


Linda M. said...

I am so happy for you both. Grandma K says you live a charmed life. I say you work hard and work smart. And yes, you are blessed!

shayna said...

You're going to be a stair master. Master those stairs. Stairs you will master.

Linds said...

i think the birds flying in formation was one of my favorites. donovan's too.