snorkeling in thailand (under the sea)

snorkeling near phi phi, thailand july 27 and july 29

surrounded by fish
the black thing is a sea urchin (don't touch!)

my favorite fish

when we took a day trip to phi phi ley, we got to go snorkeling as well. when we jumped off the boat into the water, we were surrounded by fish. incredible. it was almost intimidating to instantly be with so many beautiful things in the turquoise water.
and i like snorkeling a lot now that i've learned how to breathe and all :)

all photos thanks to our underwater digital camera.


caroline said...

Oh wow. Look at that water! Did you touch any non-urchinish life down there?

shayna said...

You should wear goggles all the time.

Linda M. said...

You take beautiful photos even when you are under the sea! My favorite is the self portrait of both of you together. It is good to see you happy and healthy.