visiting lady liberty

downtown manhattan
view of the verrazano bridge
ladies with lady liberty
happy/sad face, sad/happy face

while linny, randy and donovan were here, i was able to go visit liberty island with them.
i went to liberty island when i first visited nyc, in 2004 when i was almost 18 years old (you do the math). BUT because of 9/11, i was unable to go inside the statue.
but this time i got to go inside. and it was fun and lovely and very touristy and patriotic.

---such a nice bluishgreen statue that lady is.

i loved having linrandyvan here so i could play tourist and also eat such great food.

linny, you guys are coming back to visit in about a month right? we'll be ready for you.


Courtney said...

love the photo of downtown manhattan skyline....just watched a docushow 'Rising: Rebuilding Tower One'...really interesting/emotional/uplifting

kELLO! said...

she's so very tall!

so glad you guys are in NY. so many fun things/places/people.... nouns in general.

Linds said...

i like looking up her skirt. heehe.

i'm ready to come back now.