the wall that is great (china)

the great wall of china, august 5
ming tomb
ming tomb
the great wall
the great wall
the great wall
en route up the great wall
the great wall
wish you were here!
we were there.
another adventure in photo making

climbing the section of the great wall we climbed (juyongguan pass) was steep and difficult. confuscius say, the slope is steep and the road is slippery.
and at the first 2/5 of the wall we climbed, the steps were packed with people (more people who don't wear deodorant).

and see that romantic fog like haze? it's air pollution and not romantic.

regardless, the wall was great and the experience greater. i'm just trying to use "great" as many times as possible.
it was definitely a highlight of the trip, especially once we climbed higher and were out of the majority of the crowd.

things to remember:
we were cheerleaders at the 4/5 mark of the wall. it made people happy.
lots of people asked to take a photo with us (more asked ben).
i liked our tour guide lady who took us to the wall, ming tombs, a couple museums and a foot massage place, all included in our full day price. it was a deal.
we were like really sweaty, so we were glad we got up early to hike in the morning.
it was worth it. it just was.


laden backpack said...

I love the wall stuff. The pollution looks nasty. I do walls too, tilt up walls but this is certainly more romantic.keep the adventure in picture making going.

Rhianne said...

wow, definitely wishing I was there, it looks truly great :)

caroline said...

i love that it looks like a castle in some of your pictures. like you and ben could turn around and defend the country...except with no bow and arrows or other suitable instrument of defense, and with more smiles.

Bridget said...

sooooooo cool. i have wanted to go there for some time now... baby-friendly????

Scott said...

The guy in the blue shirt in your Wall pics...cracks me up!

shayna said...

It's really cool that you went to the Great Wall of China. I mean, it's the Great Wall. Do you understand the magnitude of that?