we live in new york city.

jet lag is like really hard to get over. at 3pm everyday, my eyes are slamming shut. and we can't sleep in passed 5am. bad news.

we booked our flight home from tokyo to the u.s. about a year ago, so we booked it back to dc (since we weren't sure where we'd be living). so... after flying for 12.5 hours + other travel time, we landed in dc, then drove straight to nyc.

we are subletting a place. trying to find a permanent place.

we may have found a great apartment... but finding an apartment is such a gamble and a game.
first you have to find the place, online or through word of mouth.
second you have to schedule a showing and go.
third you have to actually like the place. your husband has to like it too.
fourth you have to fill out an application. complete with pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, first born child.
and then hope for the best. (not to mention, there is a credit check fee every time.)
fifth you have to pester the owner/broker/landlady/landlord to be sure they are processing the application.
sixth wait.
seventh move in. most likely we are living in a walk up. meaning no elevator. meaning, you have to walk up four/five floors when moving into an apartment.
eighth hope your decision was a good one.

our first day here, we went to muji and bought this new york city in a bag. i've been wanting to get it for so long... but it didn't seem right until now. love it.


Anna said...

welcome to new york! moving is my least favorite thing in the world; it must be extra hard and disorienting coming from the other side of the world! good luck with the apt search.

Cassie said...

welcome "home"! I sure enjoyed traveling vicariously through you. Will love to see how you inhabit NY!

Courtney said...

welcome back! sorry you are sleepy....that is never a good time

Linda M. said...

Wish I was there to help you move in. Wish I could help Dan and Hil move, too. Wish we could all help each other move!

ahlin said...

you guys are just so cool. it was fun to follow your trip [through twitter too]! good luck with the move!