339 convent avenue [royal tenenbaum house]

when i discovered that the famous house in the film, the royal tenenbaums, was in west harlem (here in manhattan)---
i knew i had to see it [the house that is].

so naturally i've been nagging ben for a while now to go up there and see it with me. it's up there--- at convent avenue and w 144th street. technically the area is hamilton heights, but it's still considered west harlem. and it's a lovely lovely area.

when we strolled up to the house, a man in his car [lenny] asked if we were interested in buying the house. well of course we are. he knows the owner so he could hook us up.
of course we could never afford it- but wow. it's so beautiful. and most houses in that area are. but this house at 339 convent, is exceptionally amazing.

and it's rad that the film was filmed in the house. the house really made the film and created massive amounts of charm- for the betterment of the film.

it was awwwesome and totally worth the very crowded bus ride up there.
if our wallets were as big as our dreams, i would seriously consider purchasing it.

(my serious expressions in the photos are my homage to the film, much like the family portrait from the film.)
read about the film here.
read about how the director, wes anderson found the house here.


laden backpack said...

NICE house, can't say that I saw the film but it seems like Gene Hackman who is one of my favorite actors was in the film. Saw him in Boise once at
Boise Air Service, he had been in the backcountry looking at property. he
should have bought the house in NYC

nomadic gnome said...

awe. some.
did you see gwennie smoking her ciggies up on the roof? :)

Diana said...

Great pics! I had no idea this home was for sale. Maybe one day, right? ;)

I took a Polaroid of it last November. I just loved it too much. I should post more of my digi pics from the trip for it. Too awesome!

Linds said...

i'm going to watch the movie again. tonight.

eliza said...

Love Love Love! I want to go to there, super awesome, someday you will have to take us there;)