an asia video

music is by thom yorke "atoms for peace"

a little video for all--- on this, the international day of peace.

i love peace.
and homemade videos. enjoy.

(this is bali, malaysia, cambodia, hong kong, china, s. korea and japan.)
thailand coming soon.


laden backpack said...

Loved the video. A lady you know and I watched it together. Waves are pretty calm in Bali, it is stark to see how easily a tsunami could surprise and overtake
Large segments of the population. There were no tell tale signs of u being cold or uncomfortable....water looked yummy nice. One of the elephants shots looked like it was shot from the back of an elephant...all in all an interesting
Video. I loved it

EunnieProctor said...

Cool video. Paige watched it with me and said "that's Cayna" :)

shayna said...

Great video. The music went perfectly with the flow. I love monkeys checking each other out for bugs and you on the great wall. It's pretty great.