big, gay, ice, cream. [and other food reviews]

our facial expressions are of no consequence and have nothing to do with the name of the ice cream shop. except we did feel happily gay after consuming our ice cream. so this was the result.

there is a big gay ice cream truck... and now there is a shop. it's in the east village and it's lovely lovely. we went on saturday, just a week after the shop opened so there was a cute little line outside the shop. new york city and its lines. usually that means the food or treat is totally worth it.

and now i kind of love the east village. we people watched and laughed in tompkins square park. we browsed vintage and consignment shops afterwards and i almost fell for a pair of jimmy choos but just knew it wasn't meant to be. someday. someday jimmy will be on my feet.

big gay ice cream shop:
the shop isn't all that big per se, but the ice cream treats are and so are the prices :) we kept seeing people walking out of the store with what looked to be a boring old chocolate dipped-cone, but it wasn't boring at all.

what we got:
ben got the chocolate dipped-cone looking thing, it's called, salty pimp. it's vanilla ice cream in a cone, ice cream injected with caramel (dulce de leche), then salted with sea salt and dipped in chocolate. we recommend getting the salty pimp with a cup because it's really messy to eat. so so delicious.
i got the mermaid ice cream. it's vanilla ice cream with key lime curd, crushed graham crackers and whipped cream. it's like eating a key lime pie but in ice cream form. amazing.
i really want to try the monday sundae which is twist ice cream, in a nutella lined waffle cone, with dulce de leche, sea salt and whipped cream. next time.

it was $11 for the two ice creams (ouch) but we'll share next time as the ice creams are really big.

i have a special place in my heart for westville. the most authentic experience is braving the wait in the west village at the original tiny, tiny westville. westville has a lot of "vegetables." i think they like to brag about this. but i for one favor the mac 'n' cheese. and i love the quaint and homey feel of westville. it just feels familiar. (locations are in the west village, chelsea and the east village).

what i get:
the mac 'n' cheese appetizer with bacon. it's baked mac 'n' cheese and amazing. ($8)
it's all about the sides. you can get 4 sides for $14. and the sides are big. so you can get brussel sprouts with dijon (i usually don't like brussel sprouts but these are rad). garlic mashed potatoes. grilled zucchini, tomatoes and basil with mozzarella, sweet potato fries, corn on the cob, bok choy, mushrooms, beats with goat cheese.
all kinds of things.
i've only ever gotten the mac 'n' cheese and then the 4 sides to share. it's plenty. and delicious.

magnolia bakery:
here's all i'll say.
1/ do your best to visit the original west village location of magnolia. it's a super cute, tucked away, fun area. you'll love it. and it's right across the street from book marc (marc jacobs' book store).
2/ the cupcakes are really not that good. they just aren't.
3/ get the banana pudding. that's it. that's all. it will be amazing. (about $5)

first of all, i love that it's called eataly. clever name or cleverest name?
eataly is a huge italian market/restaurant/amazingness in the flat iron district. when ben and i first went, we bought some bread thinger, then a panino and also a pizza. and then some gelato. we had to try it all. get a pizza to go (around the corner from the main entrance). get gelato to go. buy some italian goodies. buy $500 prosciutto ham. do whatever.
the prices are reasonable (except for maybe the ham?).

i'm beginning to think i just moved here for the food. oh wait. i did. (hehe)


hanner said...

they have a bacon topping don't they?? i want to go to there so bad. when we were by their truck last year the line was too long. and no bacon. so no bueno.

also, i like ben's haircut.

Receli said...

I think we need to fly to the east just to eat ice cream with you!

Cassie said...

I'm hungry. And I'm coming to visit so I can eat some awesome food.

communikate. said...

that looks big and awesome! i love places like that!

nomadic gnome said...

westville is my very favorite restaurant in all of NYC, followed closely by many others, but westville holds the key to my food heart.
i'm hoping we can make it up there for a quick weekend trip before the baby comes - there is a lot of NYC i want to eat! :)

Linds said...

sign me up for a salty pimp ;)