brooklyn flea [market]

we visited brooklyn flea on saturday.

i've been wanting to visit for years (it seems) but our nyc visits pre-nyc-habitation didn't really permit much time for jaunts to brooklyn flea.

so we went and perused.
and bought apple ginger soda from brooklyn soda works. (so very tasty)

i wanted to buy everything and nothing all at the same time.
it was also hotter than i wanted it to be and so the long train ride and long walk from the subway to the flea made me tired, fast.

we were very tempted by some vintage maps... but not tempted by the price.

what we were really hoping for was an incredibly comfortable lounge chair, bar stool(s), a great vintage new york city map and maybe a clock (we really need one in our bedroom)?

...but we're still on the hunt.

it's fun
to be
on the hunt.


Receli said...

The chair picture is totally amazing. Good luck in your hunt. I like a good hunt. It makes me get pretty excited as the search continues, and then it is totally blissful when you find it!

communikate. said...

It is fun to be on the hunt.. that is until the hunt becomes a trip to goodwill every weekend in search of a couch that will never be found there. then.. it's just exhausting.

i'm not bitter.. i swear.

looks like a great weekend! glad to read ya'll exploring your great new city!

shayna said...

Oh now I'm really jealous I missed this.

ahlin said...

funnn. i've never been to a flea market. someday.

Adele said...

those chairs are quite amazing. i'm sad that there are no good flea markets here in Singapore. But then again, if there were i'd probably have a house full of junk with no money in my bank account (;

kELLO! said...

i like those chairs!
we are on the hunt for baby things :( not as much fun.

nomadic gnome said...

love the brooklyn flea! we loved trying all their vintage spectacles.
good luck outfitting your house - i know how frustrating it can be!

there are some pretty cool thrift stores near gramercy park on 3rd. i think our fav one was right at intersection of 22nd and 3rd on the west side of the street. i forget the name.

Courtney said...

agreed....sometimes after I find a tidbit for the house I have been after for awhile I feel like 'what's next?'

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

The chairs are absolutely fantastic. I would love to sample the apple ginger soda. It sounds fantastic.


Becca said...

oh man, this looks SO fun and promising!
did you end up getting anything?

the apple ginger soda sounds like the bomb!

Linds said...

perusing is the greatest.