the cookie that changed my life.

i'm not sure when i first had the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie from levain bakery... but it changed my life.

it is always baked to perfection.
it is always so fresh and gooey.
it is always the unhealthy indulgence that i want it to be.
it is always a temptation to go get one, even when i'm nowhere near 74th and amsterdam or 117th and frederick douglass blvd.
it is always worth $4.

i wrote a short review on levain here.
levain is pronounced lev-on.


Rhianne said...

oh my, that looks so good!

kELLO! said...

feignin on that cookie

shayna said...

How do they do it?

sienna said...

have you tried any of the copycat recipes online? i tried one and it was pretty good, but i'm no expert since i only tasted the real thing once.

nomadic gnome said...

stop it.

Courtney said...

holy crow that's a whopper of a cookie!

Linds said...

lev-on! rock-on!